Photo: The Sifnos Chronicles on a Hawaiian beach.

By: Brian Richardson

“I have been with you all the way, have loved your stories and 'guffawed' with you as you make your way onto the ferry. Thank you so much for writing it.”

"Sharon takes us along and immerses us in the lore of island life and its sights, sounds and smells. You'll delight in this ode to a lovely Greek isle."

“This wonderful travel memoir is a delight to read. You will be wanting to book your ticket before the last page has even been turned! A great debut from an author who is sure to have further literary success in the future.”

“Take a break from the troubles of the world and escape with Sharon for another visit to Sifnos. You won’t regret it.”

“Probably one of the best books I have ever read on the subject of holidays in Greece.”

“I'm gobbling it up, and want to stop and talk to you after nearly every chapter.”

What Readers Say

“Thumbs up for the most observant and sensitive Sifnos lover who shares with the rest of us her feelings and gentle remarks accompanied with generous doses of good humour too!”

“I find me!” (A Sifnian, holding the book close to her chest and dipping in and out of its pages.)

“Sharon is a keen observer of people and their idiosyncrasies, habits and foibles. A deft hand at description, she paints vivid pictures of those she encounters, but with respect and affection. Her admiration shines through her writing; never mocking, never cruel, never condescending, she captures the essence of these people and allows readers a true sense of why she is so drawn to Sifnos.”

What Readers Say …

“My husband and I are heading to Sifnos for our honeymoon soon, so I read this as a bit of a primer, and I'm so glad I did. It was a really fun read and it made me even more excited to visit this island!”

​Sharon Blomfield 

       Author/Travel Writer

“Written with a welcoming style and warmth, it's difficult to put this book down, as each chapter offers a new character, a new smile, a new place until the final page when, like the author, you feel you too are leaving old friends behind.”

“I know I love a book when I take my time reading it and savouring over the pages. I do not want it to end. Your book has been that to me. Sometimes I would read pages repeatedly. Or I would lose my book mark and not be sure where to continue. But I didn’t care. It gave me more time.”

“Sharon's descriptions of the villages, the food that she and Jim eat, all the funny moments they have as they connect with the Sifnians and the wonderful and kind people that she has come to know are so true of this beautiful friendly island. This book is definitely a must-read for lovers of Greece and especially of Sifnos.”

“You have really managed to put into words the true spirit of island life and the generosity of the people who live there. Thank you for an inspiring read.”

“This is a wonderful book, which brought back many happy memories of my holidays on Sifnos. It makes you want to take the first plane and ferry that you can get, and go to the island and meet all the memorable characters and see the beautiful sights.”

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