Sharon Blomfield 

Travel Writer & Author

I am a writer and traveller who on my wanderings has found myself somehow invited to tour an odd hobbit-like house in the South Seas, to drink wine in the kitchen of a sunburned chalet in a high Alpine pasture, and to be a guest at a Greek island wedding. My passion for the written word has flowed from adventures like these and from the fascinating characters I've met on my travels, most especially those in Greece, who have so enriched my life.

My stories and photographs have appeared in newspapers in Canada and abroad, among them The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Boston Globe, France's Courrier International, and now in The Sifnos Chronicles: tales from a greek isle, my first book. 

My photographer husband and fellow traveller, Jim Blomfield, and I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada where I am a freelance writer and a member of PWAC, the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

Once you have read The Sifnos Chronicles, I'd love to know what you think. You may leave a review on Amazon, on Goodreads, or drop me a note.


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